Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Void - Hit And Run Demo

Early Void demos that include a fucking awesome cover of Wasted by Black Flag, tracks need some fixing once they're in your iTunes, do it to it.

Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon

Audiobook pt.1
Audiobook pt.2
I started listening to the audio book at the suggestion of a friend though I've never really been a Cro-Mags fan. It's really good thus far, I can't believe I could get past John's voice or the stupidity of Hare Krishna but I did. Give it a listen, or buy the book as I assure you reading it is much better.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Born Against LIVE

Anyone who likes hardcore knows this band needs no introduction

Man Is The Bastard/Capitalist Casualties Split

Sidenote: That's Aaron Kenyon from MitB being interviewed at the beginning, he works at Rhino Records in Claremont, California. He's one cool mother fucker
Six Weeks Store
I'm not posting the link to download this one, it's been repressed, go buy it. Two of the best hardcore bands of all time. YOU NEED THIS RECORD.