Monday, December 5, 2011

New Warm Hands tracks from their upcoming split with Blackhealth

Warm Hands are a great upcoming band from Jacksonville, Florida. They are fast, gruff, noisy at times, with a bit tough edge to them that works with this style instead of against it. The guitar is really choppy at times, which lends itself well to this style. I'm having trouble pigeon holing this band, which is good.

This band arose from the ashes of Gypsy Spit, a power violence band whose demo showed incredible promise, but unfortunately never made a follow up release. I've kept in touch with Spenser on and off ever since and was stoked to get this from him.

Kim Phuc - Copsucker

link removed, official digital download here| Purchase
For the unindoctrinated Kim Phuc are nothing short of great. Noisy post-punk from Pittsburgh, a town known for creating dysfunctional fuckers.

On their debut LP Kim Phuc have really honed in on their sound and created one monster of an album. Snotty, noisy, rocking and in your face. The way they like it, not you.