Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gypsy Spit tour. Please help.

(FFO: Siege, Hatred Surge, Despise You, etc, etc)

So, I know there are a good amount of people on Facebook who live in these cities, so I figure why not post this here, as well. Gypsy Spit is embarking on our first tour in September and we need help with the dates. Initially we were going to make it up to the northeast but due to our shared sentiment of being resourceful with our finances, we're only able to go as far as VA for now. We're also taking time to write new material and press a 7" for this tour.

Here's the run we came up with:

September 16-27

9/16 Gainesville, FL
9/17 Jacksonville FL
9/18 Savannah GA
9/19 Athens GA
9/20 Columbia SC
9/21 Charlotte, NC
9/22 Greensboro/Winston-Salem NC
9/23 Richmond VA
9/24 Asheville NC
9/25 Chattanooga, TN
9/26 Birmingham, AL
9/27 Tallahassee FL

This is just a rough schedule. If we need to re-route, I'm sure it's possible as long as it's not a crazy detour or something. I'm contacting a lot of bands but figured it couldn't hurt to put up here. If you would like a better description of our sound/download of our demo, go here:

Hit me up if you can help us out!



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

H100s - Discography

This compilation has been floating around the internet for awhile. I don't know who originally posted it, I just know that H100s are outstanding. I posted this months ago, but my mediafire fucked it up to all hell. So I just stole a link and reposted it. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rest in Peace: Iron Lady

Phoenix has lost another great house show provider. This is the last Iron Lady show. I can't make it but you can and will.

White Boss - Demo (2007?)

The ever elusive White Boss demo. Angry, noisey, fast and fuzzy, not unlike Sex/Vid. I have no info on this what so ever except that they share a member with Sex/Vid, they are not the English neo-nazi band of the same name, one of tracks is called "Sublimation" and played a few shows in 2008 with Iron Lung. Other than that I have nothing. No song titles, no idea even the number of tracks on this tape. The Tape will download as three tracks, two of which are over ten minutes long. If anyone can tell me the number of tracks, the time of each track and their names I'd love that.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


in hour


In the wake of the Drunkdriver fiasco and No Age mysteriously becoming forgotten after striking gold we must remember why either band was big in the first place. Wives.

FYF Fan Appreciation Show May 8th @ Glasshouse

Sooooo why isn't there a flyer for this awesome whatever you want to call it? No idea. Don't be lazy and come out to this. Taken from Glasshouse website: (If there is a flyer please show so I can save your pathetic eyes this pathetic block of text)

"FYF Fan Appreciation Show
F*cked Up
with The Strange Boys
Abe Vigoda
Graf Orlock
The Like
Woah Hunx
Saturday, May 8
Doors: 6:30 pm

On Saturday, May 8th, we, the FYF Fest will be hosting a Fan Appreciation Show in Pomona, CA. Just like the original concept of the F Yeah Fest, this is taking place at three locations that are all steps from one another for one cost, $8. For $8 you will be given a wristband at the Glasshouse that will get you access into each room and given the option to see over dozen bands. This is for you, the fan. Hope to see you there."

Florida Friends

I won't be there, but you will be.
Facebook page

Korova - Another Happy Customer

I had this sent into me this morning. This is a damn decent release. The band sounds very modern, but they obviously are in touch with their punk roots unlike a good deal of modern bands. The band openly flirts with both fast and slow influences and have a pretty unique sound all their own. I'm not sure why I wasn't aware of these guys before, but I am now.

I wish the album art took resizing better.

Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens

I rediscovered my love for this record. Noisey hardcore with a modern sound to the vocals. Fuck, you probably already know this record inside and out, and if you don't you fucking should. Members of Locust, American Nightmare and tons more.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

See you there, maybe

Condominium - Gag

Reposted from Outstanding Asshole. You know what to expect. One hell of a ripper. This band keeps getting better and better. Buy up, soon to be gone.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crooked Teeth - Demo

Venomous. Simply venomous. Fast female fronted hardcore from Richmond, VA. In your face riffs. No frills, just thrash. Can't wait to hear more from these guys. If you like punk and hardcore you will like this. Without a doubt. No rehash bullshit, no modern crap.

Sex/Vid - Drugging EP


Sold out forever. :/

Koro - Speed Kills 12"

Download | Purchase
You probably have 700 Club on your computer already, hell you may even have a bootleg copy of it, you might even have this one already. This is a lesser known and more recent release by Koro with tracks from the demo. You know what Koro sound like so I'm not even gonna try to explain this. Worship.

Socially Retarded - Demo

Repost from Tales Ov Dryden. Awesome release. Fast. Pissed. Abrasive. Seems to come with a patch. Get this. Straight fast hardcore for fans of Aerosols and Iron Lung. Just pure fucking hate.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Society Nurse - Junk Existence 7"

This took awhile to click with me but when it did it really did. This record is fucking incredible.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Much Worse - Proper Execute 7"

Download | Purchase
Fast fucking hardcore in the vein of Jerry's Kids! Thrashing. Angry. No frills. Fucking hardcore. This record doesn't fuck around. Buy it if you downloaded it from me when I last posted it, asshole. I promise this will be on every MRR reviewer's top 10 of the year when all is said and done.

You missed out on the limited covers, but the standard art is better anyway.

Link taken from label. No more hate mail, please.

Reviver - Versificator

First post under new name. Reviver play melodic hardcore that reminds me of Modern Life Is War, Shook Ones and Strike Anywhere rolled into one. Not the biggest fan, to be totally honest. Sounds like something kids on the B9 message boards would go crazy for, but not me. The album artwork looks like something from Victory Records. It's decent, anyway. I'd like it alot better if I was driving.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

new name, old noise.

Fastcorefuck was a stupid name. Kept the URL for subscribers and blogrolls, though.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cityslaang presents

Be there. Get stoked on Gay Kiss, Jame Swillet says they're the new Pijin Rilijin