Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two live sessions from Urban Blight.

More Reality Live
Finally a rip of "More Reality Live" that is separated up into individual tracks. "More Reality Live" is raw as fuck and has covers of Negative Approach, Mental Abuse, Crass and Agnostic Front respectively. Probably my favorite Urban Blight recordings yet!

The Live in Studio Three tracks were recorded for EQUALIZING x DISTORT a Canadian Hardcore and Punk Rock radio show. Live in Studio Three is a little cleaner than More Reality Live with an insanely good Upright Citizens cover. What more can I say that hasn't been said about this band?

Canada's fucking finest.

H100's - "Live LP"

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Another fucked up master piece from the brilliantly crazed, volatile, punk as fuck, fuck ups the h100's. A monster of an LP start to finish with snottier vocals, stupider come backs, and better stage banter than ever before. Tony Erba was one fucked up genius. Apparently this was recorded at a show with Integrity and Apartment 213. The other recordings haven't surfaced yet, and probably never will, but who the fuck cares? I sure as hell don't. Get the fuck into this.

And while you're at it check out vocalist Chris Erba's new band AVON LADIES ON TOUR w/ ELDERS. Tour dates can be found here!

Larm - "Larm" (2010)

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This is not a reissue! This is not a band trying to cash in on their former fame! This is not a bad reunion record! In case you're unfamiliar with LARM they played a genre of music they dubbed "Extreme Noise" and "Noisecore" (long before the Locust or Sore Throat touched the term). Not totally dissimilar to Thrashcore or Powerviolence, but this sound is all their own. Like a chaotic and unapologetically amelodic BGK. They managed to tune up, maintain themselves and not break down into laughter for this LP which puts it miles ahead of their classics "Straight on View" and "Extreme Noise".