Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two live sessions from Urban Blight.

More Reality Live
Finally a rip of "More Reality Live" that is separated up into individual tracks. "More Reality Live" is raw as fuck and has covers of Negative Approach, Mental Abuse, Crass and Agnostic Front respectively. Probably my favorite Urban Blight recordings yet!

The Live in Studio Three tracks were recorded for EQUALIZING x DISTORT a Canadian Hardcore and Punk Rock radio show. Live in Studio Three is a little cleaner than More Reality Live with an insanely good Upright Citizens cover. What more can I say that hasn't been said about this band?

Canada's fucking finest.

H100's - "Live LP"

Download | Purchase
Another fucked up master piece from the brilliantly crazed, volatile, punk as fuck, fuck ups the h100's. A monster of an LP start to finish with snottier vocals, stupider come backs, and better stage banter than ever before. Tony Erba was one fucked up genius. Apparently this was recorded at a show with Integrity and Apartment 213. The other recordings haven't surfaced yet, and probably never will, but who the fuck cares? I sure as hell don't. Get the fuck into this.

And while you're at it check out vocalist Chris Erba's new band AVON LADIES ON TOUR w/ ELDERS. Tour dates can be found here!

Larm - "Larm" (2010)

Download | Purchase?
This is not a reissue! This is not a band trying to cash in on their former fame! This is not a bad reunion record! In case you're unfamiliar with LARM they played a genre of music they dubbed "Extreme Noise" and "Noisecore" (long before the Locust or Sore Throat touched the term). Not totally dissimilar to Thrashcore or Powerviolence, but this sound is all their own. Like a chaotic and unapologetically amelodic BGK. They managed to tune up, maintain themselves and not break down into laughter for this LP which puts it miles ahead of their classics "Straight on View" and "Extreme Noise".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White Boss - White Boss LP

The long awaited second out put from Olympia's Perennial Records and first studio record from Olympia greats White Boss. This record makes me go brain dead. I lose my ability to be coherent. It's over whelming. It's layers of Sex/Vid, Cruising era Slices, My Bloody Valentine style riffs looped throughout and heavy dark noise punk. I now know why it took this band that formed in 2004 so goddamn long to put out the LP. It's a fucking punk master piece. This isn't my hyperbolic crap, this is actually genuinely that good and I'm fucking floored. You'll have to edit the track numbers when they make it into your library.

Thanks to Matt B. for part of the rip.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vaccine - Human Hatred

FINALLY! A high quality rip of one of the best releases of 2010. Angry power violence influenced punk that you've grown to expect from Vaccine. Painkiller have been on the ball of late and the art on this ripper is fantastic. Link taken from Toxicbreeds Funhouse.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Needles - The Seven Inches

Self Titled|Purchase
Fast as fuck. Pissed as fuck. Raw as fuck. Ex and current members of Talk Is Poison, Los Crudos, Look Back and Laugh, California Love, Limp Wrist and many others. Not to be overlooked. Never to be fucked with. Think Look Back And Laugh, SS Decontrol and Limp Wrist and you're not far off.

Fix My Head/Knife in the Leg split

Pacific Northwest label Inimical Records has been putting out some really great stuff lately. San Fransisco's anthemic Fix My Head that doesn't stray too far from form on this new split playing the Los Crudos influenced classic hardcore they're known for. While on the B side Poland's Knife in the Leg offer 6 tracks of angsty early sounding hardcore. A must!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Middle America

Middle America Gets the HIV

Sound like Negative Fx. Think like Negative Fx.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Young - Voyagers of Legend

The Young started out around 4 years ago or so as a one man band. His first show was in a record store with a guitar, a mic, and a small drum set. Hans utilized all three at once and it was pretty awesome. Pretty good angsty garage stuff from what I remember.

Now fast forward to a week ago, their record release show, and I finally see them a second time and it is now a full band. Members include: the owner of Austin’s only punk record store, sound on sound (RIP); a dude who was in Sacred Shock, Army of Jesus, and a few other bands; a dude who is in Deskonocidos and some other bands, and a dude who was in some bands whose names I can not remember. The cops show up to the house before The Young even start playing, but they leave and the show goes on.

As soon as they finish the first song, my mind is blown. They are no longer primitive garage rock, it is something of its own. If I had to try to describe it, which I do, I would say that it’s a super fuzzy, dreamy, mix of psych rock, shoegaze, and the punk. It’s still raw in all the right ways, but there is enough clarity for you to slowly discover what exactly is going on. It’s like awesome stoner shoegaze with punk energy. If I smoked weed, I would totally do it to this. I strongly encourage you to, AT LEAST, listen to the album. If you like it, you should definitely buy it, it comes on nice thick wax. I wish I were better at reviews, because I am not doing this record justice. I fucking LOVE it and the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Trend - When Death Won't Solve Your Problems


Pissing Through

Harsh Noise from the North of England. Dreary, aggressive, dazed.
For fans of Fecalove, Trash Dog, Pukers, Deep Jew, and binbags.

looking pissed

Friday, July 16, 2010

Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture

Coke Bust. Obnoxiously obvious DC straightedge hardcore played at max volume and velocity to most everyone's dismay. Fuck Bar Culture was their EP debut on Third Party Records after the demo 7" which sold out like 4 times. Ridiculously fast, completely abrasive, and reminiscent of 80s classics, this is an ideal EP to wreck your bedroom with.

Possibly the best aspect of this band is their boisterous, powder-keg-explosive live performance, which ignites each of these potential hardcore classics right into flames. Unapologetic lyrics are screamed right into your ears during each song, which bob and weave their way through blisteringly fast chords and mid-tempo mosh parts. I mean, if you aren't the slightest bit compelled to stagedive during the beginning of "FBC," you're probably in the wrong genre.

Containing pissed off lyrics with the intensity of a sawed off shotgun, raging guitars, and percussion which isn't afraid to approach  the blurring speeds, Coke Bust completely blow the lid off your shitty 90's sedan with this EP. Download this and play at hilariously loud volume for your own good. It doesn't even matter if you're straightedge or not, you're moshing to this one.

Coke Bust
Third Party Records

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bonestorm - Discography

Current / Ex - Closure, Cutting Class, FKAS, Grand March, Normal Man, Omerta, The Osterman Weekend, Pure Graft, Sick-Fuckin-O, UYA, Whores Whores Whores.
I picked this up the other day, and I'm guessing there was only a few made for the show as it's titled "Worst Last Minute Discography CD Ever! 06.07.10"//"Thrown Together For Our Last Gig With Pete/Maybe Ever With Punch and Comadre As Our 4Way Split Was Not Ready"//"DEMO + OUR SIDE OF A SPLIT + A COVER". Oh, don't you feel elite. It's rare. Maybe LTD.33; WHO THE FUCK KNOWS.
Just like all the bands they share members with. Traditional Powerviolence.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Criaturas - Self Titled Demo

Yo, I'm new here. My first post is going to be the Criaturas demo. This shit is awesome, members of Vaaska, Severed Head of State, and the world's worst one man band, Fully Coherant (lol). These guys are Austin's best going band right now, they keep accidentally playing indie rock shows and weirding everyone out. Basically it's super catchy punk, SUPER CATCHY, with female vocals in Spanish. They "sound like a tie-died Discharge shirt." I can't find any pictures of the demo, and I'm too lazy to take a picture of my own right now (edit: phone pix!), but the link is sent to me straight from the band. I highly suggest downloading it and sending it to everyone you know. I'm guessing this shit is in FLAC cus the file is huge.

I still need to figure out how to do hypertext and all that shit, but eventually I'll get it and I'll become a great writer.

This shit is sold out, but I still suggest trying to find a copy.

ps, this is what the alphabet would look like if q and r were eliminated

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cut The Shit

Marked For Life | Purchase

Q:How angry can you get? A: Cut The Shit. This is the sound fucked up kids make when they're sick of their school, fed up with the prescription amphetamines forced down their throats, ready to punch their parents and skate. Sloppy aggression, fueled by speed and honest anger. No diatribes here, just pissed thrash.

Slices - The 7"s

Self Titled II | Purchase
Previous Slices Post
Unsettling noisy hardcore punk. Not unlike your other B-Side of My War bands, only better.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wrangler Brutes - Discography

The 7"|Good luck
Sam and Brooks from Born Against, Andy and Cundo from Nazti Skinz. Why say anything more when the music speaks for itself? One of the smartest, noisiest punk bands to grace your speakers. You truly need all their music.

Cold Sweat - Blinded

Link removed, official digital download here|Purchase
The second full length from this Seattle powerhouse. Employing the noisier paint-peeling qualities of Rollins-era Black Flag, the speed of Deep Wound and the darkness of Rorschach to force out another creeping, speedy rager. This record improves on its predecessor while taking some new direction. Cold Sweat let up as much as they disappointed.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cold Sweat - Severed Ties

Link removed, official digital download here|Purchase
Angry, fast, powerful and damn good. Cold Sweat are one of those bands of the last decade that will leave a lasting imprint on punk and be remembered as one of the greats of '00s hardcore. Featuring members of Walls, Iron Lung and Repercussions and packing a heavy punch and having that same strange darkside that seems unique to early black metal, noise rock and a select few greater hardcore punk bands.

Raw Nerves - Murders Among Us (LINK FIXED)

Raw Nerves, not Raw Nerve. A crusty, metallic hardcore band from Portland, Oregon. They are really heavy and a little slowed down, but still a rager none the less. They take influence from a vast amount of punk but have a decidedly Northwestern sound. There are tinges of Resist and Poison Idea here and there. They also cite Sex/Vid as a heavy influence, but I personally don't hear it.

This Ep must require a few spins before you start to get into them. It seems boring at first, but it's not. This is not the case with the new LP, which is fucking fantastic first play, but I'm waiting for that to sell out before I post it here.

The one time I saw Raw Nerves they played a short angry set full of faster songs than they seem to have recorded. Maybe they just play faster live but they seem a lot more enthusiastic and passionate than this recording lets on, so go see them. Especially if you can see them with Resist, Iron Lung and Dropdead in Seattle.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Magnum Force - Demo 'x9 reup

Magnum Force are Arizona's premier powerviolence band. Their sound takes more from Crossed Out and No Comment instead of Iron Lung and Hatred Surge. The same could be said for their imagery, reminiscent of early Spazz and Capitalist Casualties records. Get fucking ready!

Blank Stare - LP

Hell yes. Boston hardcore the way it was meant to be. Fast, pissed, and delightfully rough around the edges, Blank Stare dropped a behemoth of an LP in 2008 before their demise in Fall of 2009. Every time I toss on this 10 track ripper, I can barely sit still, as the band rages through each song with reckless abandon with lightning fast chord changes and percussion.

An excellent form of pure fast hardcore, Blank Stare complete their LP in about 16 minutes, leaving out any filler while still giving people a little more than the 45 second songs which seem to frequent the genre more often these days. Totally in your face and unapologetic, these dudes seemed to increase their aggressiveness exponentially with each and every song, devoid of any weak links. Toss in plenty of old school influences from legendary Boston acts you've already heard about 500 times, and the picture becomes clear. Download this and max out the volume.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Male Nurses - Self Titled 7"

Male Nurses have progressed a great deal since their demo, adding surf rock rhythm to some traditional hardcore rippers. A fucking great record all around. It's really reminiscent of the Authorities at their best, except I am pretty sure Male Nurses has better lyrics. No one can touch the ingenious stupidity that Authorities reached in their heyday. Fuck, this is good!

Link taken from Toxicbreeds Funhouse

Previous Male Nurses post.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slices - Cruising

The Iron Lung write up on this is wrong, when they said this is just punk I expected something like their earlier releases (though I wouldn't say those aren't just punk either), and while this is definitely Slices, this is a much weirder and harder to digest album. Slices play noisy hardcore punk in the same vein as their other Pittsburgh peers Brain Handle. They're fast, except kinda not, they are insane, brilliant, creepy and unique while still feeling classic and anthemic. A must.

Slices are currently finishing up a west coast tour with the ever astounding Iron Lung. Don't miss out!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Society of Friends AKA The Quakers - Discography CD

Society of Friends are a much over looked Texas hardcore band featuring August of Walls. I am having trouble describing them. Basically put Walls' fast parts in a blender with the Man is the Bastard side of their split with Capitalist Casualties and the more recent Bastard Noise rippers and you have Society of Friends. Yeah, it's that fucking good. I slept on this...You're still sleeping on this, and man that fucking sucks because this band is fucking killer.

I still have no idea what the hell is going on in half their songs, though. This band is fucked up and weird as shit.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blocked Out - Nomad, California

Requested. Solid dudes churning out moshy hardcore. I'm really iffy about this, but they aren't bad at all. They're really good at what they do. Really good. I just am not into this style at all. Link taken from the band. LP features sick artwork. I don't know if it's actually available to purchase yet. If you dig Trapped Under Ice, newer Mind Eraser, Hatebreed or Trash Talk this is for you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mind Eraser/Slang - Split 7"

Two new cuts from powerviolence inflicted metallic champs Mind Eraser. No frills and back to the basics like they're an Infest worship band again. Slang dishes out one track of Japanese Hardcore fury. This is not to be missed. I don't think it's for sale online yet. You should've seen them on tour or gone to Chaos In Tejas, chumps.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nashville Friends

Subject to change...MEANING MORE BANDS COMING!


August 5th, 2010
Little Hamilton Collective

...August 6th, 2010
Little Hamilton Collective
Fuck Work- or
Abolish- from Austin, TX; fka Deadly Reign, record out soon. Members of World Burns to Death and Till Death.
Sanctions- or

August 7th, 2010
Little Hamilton Collective
Warcry- or
In Ruins- or
Karoshi- or

Thursday, June 17, 2010

California Love/Gehenna - Split 7"

Fuck! Metallic hardcore has never sounded so unfuckwithable. One song per band. California Love churn out an unsettling, creeping and full on dirty tune of sheer fucking hate clocking in at one minute and fifty eight seconds, speeding up just when it needs to. Gehenna plays one 3 and a half minute track of shouted, thrashy, dark metallic hardcore. This is why your parents wish they'd never let you have Aunt Margret's turn table.

Slow Death - Demo

Slow Death are anything but slow. This New Jersey act is churning out tunes that remind me of the insanity of Void meets the intensity and speed of Infest. A mad house of sound.

What the fuck are you waiting for? Download this!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Jerkbooth eat your fucking heart out.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Shadow of a Doubt - Demo

Western Mass hardcore from a group of guys headed up by Derrick of the Well Fed blog. Plenty of distortion, visceral screams, and percussion reminiscent of a automobile crash. Even better, A Shadow of a Doubt is brave enough to write more than one song over two minutes long. No way! Get out of hardcore!

As the feedback squeals through your speakers, the songs follow loose structure which isn't afraid to approach insanely noisy levels. There's moments of calm which allow your ears to relax from the previous sonic assaults. The recording quality is actually fairly decent on this as well, which seems to be a bonus as far as demos go these days.

It's tough to pin this tape down, which invigorates me after the deluge of mindless noisy hardcore which seems to contaminate my computer's hard drive. Picture, download, and pretty much everything all taken from Well Fed so please check it out. Demos are available for $3, so if you're into it, shoot an email over and pick up a copy. These are limited to 100, so I doubt it'll last. SUPPORT.

A Shadow of a Doubt 
Well Fed Blog

Monday, June 7, 2010

Burning Love

What can I say?
Stoned punk rock. Kysus on Damaged-era Flag.
The demo laid some fucking righteous blueprints.
Don't Ever Change dropped with a lo-fi Bad Seeds cover.
How the fuck is that not the greatest 7" of the year?
Answer: it is. Fuck everything else.
Let's wank off in my garage to Raw Power.
The LP, Songs for Burning Lovers, hit nearly two days ago now.
AND AS OKAY AS IT IS. It's really lacking.
The EP got my hopes up for this bastardised lo-fi hardcore masterpiece.
Something like King of Jeans with poor production.
Fuck. Maybe rip off Psychedelic Horseshit & I'll autoerotic-asphyxiate myself.
It's not. It's just what the demo offered.
And after tasting the sweet pussyjuice of the 7",
Queens of the Stone Age-core isn't what I want.
It's really fucking not.
It's not bad. It's just like,
Or more poignantly if the intro to Fear & Loathing was directed by Rob Zombie.
It picks up at the end, AGAIN POIGNANTLY.
Maybe if I was fucking and hitting salvia hard, I'd dig this.
But it's lacking luster like masturbating with a hoover.
Where's my fucking noise you piece of shit? Do not fuck with me.
Fuck this, go listen to Mayyors or Veins instead.

Songs for Burning Lovers
Don't Ever Change 7"

H.P.P. - Demo '09

More obscure Northwest Hardcore for your fancy. I don't know the track names. Your guess is as good as mine. Tape comes with two covers. One is the exact same as the cover of the upcoming LP on Perennial.

V.A. - "Maggot Minded" cassette

Northwest hardcore greats. Hard hitting fast as fuck Funerot, hyped and noisy Sex/Vid and the ever frantic HIV combine forces with relatively unknown Washington hardcore masters speedy fuzzed out White Boss, Loose Change, horrible Horrible and low-fi Sisters on this astounding nearly quality-less compilation tape. The highlights of this tape are White Boss and the exclusive Sex/Vid tracks. If anyone has this tape and doesn't want it or finds it hit me up. I'm willing to dish out moderate amounts of cash. I'm kinda surprised that to my knowledge New Fits is the first blog to post this. After all, it came out a little over three years ago.

White Boss LP out soon along with the H.P.P. LP on Perennial.

Getting more stoked on my migration to the Northwest everyday...except I may move to Austin, but that's less likely.

Walls - Stare at the Walls 7" (Tour 7")

Link removed, official digital download here
"Huffing paint...makes it crazier" reads the matrix of this slab of unlabeled black vinyl. Portland, Oregon's WALLS churn out two new frantic nervous hardcore punk noise and a Die Kreuzen cover. Pissing on your notions of punk with walls of sound. Audible word vomit over some dark sludgey noise punk. Fucking powerful. Start to finish. Pure fucking unsettling hate now for public consumption. Link taken from my friend Mitch's blog Fondling the Master's Skull. Tour only so go see them.

Previous Walls Post.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

just opening My War for Rorschach.

no big deal, right?

yeah, I think I'm up to your level now.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Capitalist Casualties/Lack of Interest Split

Crushing, distortion laden split from two veteran powerviolence acts. While it's not quite as classic as these groups' older material, this is still quality stuff. Nearly 7 1/2 minutes of the tunes you've come to despise over the years, played at max volume to complete the destruction of your discount USB turntable. Included with the latest issue of Short, Fast, and Loud, the value here is nearly off the charts at $6.66 from Six Weeks Records. Reviews, interviews, pictures, columns, and a new Capitalist Casualties split EP all at once. If you like the download, make sure to pick this up. Don't be a fool. Link taken from my blog, Play it Loud.

Buy from Six Weeks Records
Buy from Tank Crimes
Capitalist Casualties MySpace
Lack of Interest MySpace

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aus-Rotten - Not One Single Fucking Hit Discography

Here it is people, the masters of mid 1990s anarcho-crust punk. Just looking at this thing makes me want to start sewing homemade patches with dental floss on my shorts. Inspired and pissed off lyrics chock full off nearly every social or political topic you can think of, with gut wrenching vocals and horrid guitar riffs sure to make your expensive iPod ear buds explode. Of course you've probably already heard most of this material at some point, but Aus-Rotten was one of those rare punk bands who were great enough to salt away for a few years and dust off for a rainy day, sounding just as incredible as they did the first few times around.

One of the seminal bands around serious anarcho punk, Aus-Rotten put together some of the more memorable records from my younger days, as I'm sure many others agree. Although this album doesn't contain their two later LPs, there's more than enough here to keep you busy. While the music was incredibly catchy and raucous for their genre, the lyrics were what really drew me in when I first dropped the record needle onto Fuck Nazi Sympathy. The quality progressed with each album, moving past the more simplistic themes of their early work, into full blown diatribes on political prisoners, transnational corporations, and nationwide boycotts.  

Whether it was Eric's atrociously grating vocals, the insane drumming, thunderous grainy bass lines or Dave's barking vocal style, Aus-Rotten captured people's attention for their almost 10 year existence. They were never the most technical or intelligent band out there, but there was something obviously special taking place within one of Pittsburgh's greatest bands. Weird feelings of nostalgia crept over me as I listened to some of these songs, so I hope you love (or hate) them as much as I do.

Not One Single Fucking Hit breaks down as follows:
Tracks 2-12: The System Works...For Them
13-17: Anti-Imperialist EP
18: Pogo Attack comp
20-24: Fuck Nazi Sympathy EP
25-26: Split with Naked Aggression 
27-29: Start a Riot comp


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Insect Warfare - A Couple of Splits

Split w/ F.I.D.
In honor of my trip to Austin, Texas I give you Insect Warfare. Grind fucking core. That's all that can describe now defunct Texas act Insect Warfare. Fist to face grind featuring the ever astounding Alex Hughes of Hatred Surge and Sacred Shock.

Absolutely unfuckwithable grind. Grindcore: making glasses wearing, black band shirt clad, skinny, skateboarding comic geeks like us feel tough as nails since the late 80's.

When I come back:
Walls - "Staring At The Walls" 7"
Capitalist Casualties / Lack Of Interest - Split 7"
Lebenden Toten - "Near Dark" LP
White Boss - "White Boss" LP
Capitalist Casualties/Spazz/Hellnation/Lack Of Interest - "Live at Fiesta"
Whatever awesome finds I stumble upon from Chaos in Tejas and the record swap at Broken Neck.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recharge - Hamburg '42

Smashing, raging d-beat hardcore punk. Hailing from Germany, Recharge follow in the proud Discharge tradition, using everything from their logo to similar lyrical content and imagery. Don't let the cover art bug you out, these guys have zero qualms or reservations when it comes to placing a harsh, truthful light on their country's horrid past.

Occasionally, Recharge carry a metally edge in their tunes, as the vocals shout in German over the blaring music. Graphic, violent, war-centric lyrics which cover different aspects of historical significance are rampant throughout Hamburg '42, as well as your everyday, run of the mill d-beat topics. Fast, heavy riffs, and thundering drums slapped on top of chunky bass lines, performed by one of Europe's best Discharge worship bands.

Definitely check out the band's website, as they have translations for the lyrics in English, along with plenty of other pertinent information to ensure you're properly enjoying the d-beat madness. Another fine alternative to listening to Never Again for the 598th time in a row.  

Recharge Website

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Fits - Mix Tape

Coming Soon:

Bad Posture - "Time For Smack"
Scratch Acid - "The Greatest Gift"
Sex/Vid - "Always Home"
Pigeon Religion - "Shootist"
H100's - "Panic Attack"
Pissed Jeans - "Dream Smotherer"
Fucked Up - Vivian Girls
Arab on Radar - "Cop Song"
Articles of Faith - "Wheedle Dee"
Wrangler Brutes - "One"
Fugazi - "Hello Morning"
Born Against - "Albany Academy"
Condominium - "Barricade"
Cult Ritual - "III"

I'll have this up for download when I come back from Texas with added surprises!

physical tapes will come with awesome bonuses. Limited to 20.

Die Kreuzen - S/T

"This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great!" - Tim Yohannan


Black Flag - My War: The B-Side you jerk off to.

My war, you're one...oh wait, you don't know that song because it's not on the b-side. I give you the much jacked off to side b of Henry Rollin's second full length with the legendary Black Flag: "My War". Hardcore fucking rules...Trendy fucks.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blind Society - Our Future's Looking Bleak

Not to be offensively confused with any other bands with the same title, Bricktown, New Jersey's Blind Society carried the hardcore punk torch for years, playing a massive role in the local scene during the early 2000's. Boatloads of shows at local VFW halls and long since defunct NJ venues gave way to national tours with street punk bands like The Virus and other associated acts. Fast enough to be considered hardcore, but with enough punk rock influences to utilize the outrageously overused "Oi! Oi!"chant, these guys seemed to fit in almost anywhere.

Our Future's Looking Bleak contains 15 songs of pure, raw hardcore punk rock which charges through you like a locomotive threatening to run right off the tracks. Blazing fast drumming which nearly spins out of control, paired with unique dueling vocals on top of catchy, heavy riffage. Yes, your not dyslexic, this band actually had two vocalists. One with raspy, higher pitched wails, and the other gruff, barking, and spitting in your face. Cue the ICP, 311, and other associated jokes. Either way, I've never seen it done better than Blind Society.

Obvious highlights are "Bulldoze," "Nuclear Warfare," and "Soldiers of Misfortune," but these guys rarely take a moment to come up for air, as the music tightens its grip around your throat through the 24 minutes of madness. Lyrics range anywhere from anti-war, anti-society, get the idea. I still miss the numerous Misfits covers they used to play live. Be sure to check out the website link below that's somehow still alive. Angelfire status. 

Blind Society Site

PS - I promise my next post won't be more nostalgic NJ pride and worship.

Never Meant - Demo

Fast hardcore. Another up and coming AZ band with a sound like Trash Talk meets 90's New Jersey hardcore. These guys play a lot of shows with Bad Vibe and Magnum Force, two great AZ locals. The vocals are higher pitched growls and fast. For some reason I think this band is straight edge. Whatever, up the punx.