Saturday, August 4, 2012

Closet Case - "It Doesn't Get Better" (Demo 2012)

Living in Phoenix is weird, it seems like every few months there's a new local band composed of every one in the last local band, playing the same style music and just calling it something different.  Not to say that these bands aren't good but when a band comes out of left field it's awesome.  That's what Closet Case is.  A few people I've never seen before in my life backed up by the former guitarist of Distance and State Leech. They have unfortunately already been pigeon holed under the bullshit non existent genre that is "queer-core".  Although 3/4's of the band are gay, they represent far more than that.  

This demo is a bleak look at life through the eyes of someone who remains in the closet.  The music itself is fast, and reminiscent of Tear It Up or Cut The Shit, but with a lot more mosh parts.  It's really fucking promising and even better live, if you are brave enough to see them.

For physical copies of the demo email: closetcase (at) gmail (dot) com