Thursday, November 22, 2012

Attack SS - "No Nukes EP!!"

It's hard to write something about bands like this, because while they're awesome it's difficult to avoid cliches like using "noise not music" or some other generic bullshit slogan.  I guess it's unavoidable, seeing as this ep is called "NO NUKES!! EP" and the band has an SS in their name.  Anyway, this band is from Japan and they're fucking sick.  Awesome vocal delivery, bouncy pogo punk style bass and the buzz saw guitar attack works really well, and creates a nice overall texture the the EP.  Attack SS has more melody than their contemporaries, but that isn't to say this is melodic at all.  A must for fans of D-Clone, GAI, Nerveskade and other spikey noise punk.  While you're at it check out the other new releases on Distort Reality, the Frenzy and Peroxide EPs are more of the same, but they're both fucking awesome.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Manic - "Manic" (2012)

I posted their demo earlier and in that post I promised a rip of this, and my friend John came through way faster than I expected.  Anyway this band sounds like the best parts of Koro, Pollution, Double Negative and Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity thrown in a blender to me.  This record is explosive, fast, frantic, dark and noisy.  It opens with feedback, and a speedy, choppy, distorted riff that really sets the tone for this record, however the stand out track here is the closing track to the b-side "Leeches", where the guitar and bass lock perfectly together created a very tight song that somehow sounds like it's going to fall apart at the same time. 

This record may very well be my favorite thing this year.  It's insane how this has flown under the radar.  Not only is it really fucking good, it's also unique, and if I hear one more uninspired Hoax rip off band or another whack ass mid-tempo "oi influenced" band I'm gonna puke

NASA Space Universe - Tour 12" ("NSU")

NASA Space Universe are one of the best bands playing punk right now.  If you're not familiar with them they sound like Die Kreuzen having a panic attack.  Their music is very fast, bizarre, and choppy.  Everything is super tight, too.  This band is incredible.

I think they may still have copies of this record.  You can get in touch here.

Manic - "Demo" (2011)

Manic from Atlanta, Georgia live up to their name, playing demented and exuberantly fast hardcore punk.  The music is strange, fast and snotty.  They kinda remind me of Koro, or maybe Pollution, but they aren't all that similar to either.  All I know is that this is great, the guitar and bass tone are great, not completely blown out but noisy enough to be interesting. They apparently put out a 7" this year on Scavenger of Death that I will be posting once I have a rip of it.  This comes highly recommended.