Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Iron Lung//Hatred Surge

Combined they play blistering power violence on the same level as some of the early greats like Crossed Out. The intro track is by far the best track on this record. The album art is incredible as seen below. I'd like to specify that this is not a split! It is a collaboration of pure hatred and anger manifested in intense hardcore. The picture above was taken by my friend Danny who's other photos can be found here (he's also in a kickass band called Magnum Force who's demo is up for download on this very blog)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peligro Social - No Religion

No Religion is the 2006 debut LP from Bay Area Thrashers Peligro Social and the record stands out on it's own. The band deliberately chose a title that read the same in both Spanish and English. The Title track is fucking blistering. This band was incredible. Rock N Rolly hardcore punk.


Photo by Amanda Klaus.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Born Against/Suckerpunch! Split 8"

Media Fire

Classic! The Born Against side opens with a loud sludgy hardcore track and closes with a pretty funny spoken word piece by Sam McPheeters. The Suckerpunch side is straight forward badly recorded hardcore. This split is simply awesome. Oh how I wish I still had it.

Black Dice - s/t 7"

Media Fire
Early Black Dice. Crazy, fast, noisy, synth-ridden, lo-fi and aggravating. What else can I say?

Ecoli - Judas Cradle

Media Fire

This is Ecoli's first real record, though I think I may prefer the demo 7". 8 tracks of demented thrashcore that some how reminds me of Void. Insane artwork. Banned in Canada.

Magnum Force - Demo

These guys are awesome Powerviolence from my home state of Arizona. Kick ass dudes, fun times, great thrash. MAGNUM FORCE. Nothing I can really say will grant them justice. Magnum Force play hardcore that's very similar to early PV. Sounds like listening to the best Spazz tunes and skate boarding. This tape includes a killer Infest cover, too. Check this out.

Media fire