Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Insect Warfare - A Couple of Splits

Split w/ F.I.D.
In honor of my trip to Austin, Texas I give you Insect Warfare. Grind fucking core. That's all that can describe now defunct Texas act Insect Warfare. Fist to face grind featuring the ever astounding Alex Hughes of Hatred Surge and Sacred Shock.

Absolutely unfuckwithable grind. Grindcore: making glasses wearing, black band shirt clad, skinny, skateboarding comic geeks like us feel tough as nails since the late 80's.

When I come back:
Walls - "Staring At The Walls" 7"
Capitalist Casualties / Lack Of Interest - Split 7"
Lebenden Toten - "Near Dark" LP
White Boss - "White Boss" LP
Capitalist Casualties/Spazz/Hellnation/Lack Of Interest - "Live at Fiesta"
Whatever awesome finds I stumble upon from Chaos in Tejas and the record swap at Broken Neck.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recharge - Hamburg '42

Smashing, raging d-beat hardcore punk. Hailing from Germany, Recharge follow in the proud Discharge tradition, using everything from their logo to similar lyrical content and imagery. Don't let the cover art bug you out, these guys have zero qualms or reservations when it comes to placing a harsh, truthful light on their country's horrid past.

Occasionally, Recharge carry a metally edge in their tunes, as the vocals shout in German over the blaring music. Graphic, violent, war-centric lyrics which cover different aspects of historical significance are rampant throughout Hamburg '42, as well as your everyday, run of the mill d-beat topics. Fast, heavy riffs, and thundering drums slapped on top of chunky bass lines, performed by one of Europe's best Discharge worship bands.

Definitely check out the band's website, as they have translations for the lyrics in English, along with plenty of other pertinent information to ensure you're properly enjoying the d-beat madness. Another fine alternative to listening to Never Again for the 598th time in a row.  

Recharge Website

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Fits - Mix Tape

Coming Soon:

Bad Posture - "Time For Smack"
Scratch Acid - "The Greatest Gift"
Sex/Vid - "Always Home"
Pigeon Religion - "Shootist"
H100's - "Panic Attack"
Pissed Jeans - "Dream Smotherer"
Fucked Up - Vivian Girls
Arab on Radar - "Cop Song"
Articles of Faith - "Wheedle Dee"
Wrangler Brutes - "One"
Fugazi - "Hello Morning"
Born Against - "Albany Academy"
Condominium - "Barricade"
Cult Ritual - "III"

I'll have this up for download when I come back from Texas with added surprises!

physical tapes will come with awesome bonuses. Limited to 20.

Die Kreuzen - S/T

"This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great! This is fucking great!" - Tim Yohannan


Black Flag - My War: The B-Side you jerk off to.

My war, you're one...oh wait, you don't know that song because it's not on the b-side. I give you the much jacked off to side b of Henry Rollin's second full length with the legendary Black Flag: "My War". Hardcore fucking rules...Trendy fucks.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blind Society - Our Future's Looking Bleak

Not to be offensively confused with any other bands with the same title, Bricktown, New Jersey's Blind Society carried the hardcore punk torch for years, playing a massive role in the local scene during the early 2000's. Boatloads of shows at local VFW halls and long since defunct NJ venues gave way to national tours with street punk bands like The Virus and other associated acts. Fast enough to be considered hardcore, but with enough punk rock influences to utilize the outrageously overused "Oi! Oi!"chant, these guys seemed to fit in almost anywhere.

Our Future's Looking Bleak contains 15 songs of pure, raw hardcore punk rock which charges through you like a locomotive threatening to run right off the tracks. Blazing fast drumming which nearly spins out of control, paired with unique dueling vocals on top of catchy, heavy riffage. Yes, your not dyslexic, this band actually had two vocalists. One with raspy, higher pitched wails, and the other gruff, barking, and spitting in your face. Cue the ICP, 311, and other associated jokes. Either way, I've never seen it done better than Blind Society.

Obvious highlights are "Bulldoze," "Nuclear Warfare," and "Soldiers of Misfortune," but these guys rarely take a moment to come up for air, as the music tightens its grip around your throat through the 24 minutes of madness. Lyrics range anywhere from anti-war, anti-society, anti-police...you get the idea. I still miss the numerous Misfits covers they used to play live. Be sure to check out the website link below that's somehow still alive. Angelfire status. 

Blind Society Site

PS - I promise my next post won't be more nostalgic NJ pride and worship.

Never Meant - Demo

Fast hardcore. Another up and coming AZ band with a sound like Trash Talk meets 90's New Jersey hardcore. These guys play a lot of shows with Bad Vibe and Magnum Force, two great AZ locals. The vocals are higher pitched growls and fast. For some reason I think this band is straight edge. Whatever, up the punx.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


These guys were ballsy, noisy, thrash fucks.
From the UK. Fuck me, right?
They didn't last long. What. A. Surprise.
Members can be seen in Cutting Pink With Knives,
and running the sterling Holy Roar Records.
All the best noise break up and have less than 100 listeners.
Hit this shit like the drummer of Drunkdriver hits drunk women.
Just kidding. But download this.
It's only the demo, contrary to the picture above.
But that's the best picture I could find.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grindstone - Ready To Die demo.

It's always a little weird receiving demos from good bands who aren't so sure you'll be into them. It always makes me feel a little bummed to be honest. I like hardcore. Chances are if you're hardcore and have practiced more than 5 times before you recorded your demo I'll dig you. This band is no exception. Heavy hardcore that reminds me of Modern Life Is War, though they don't really sound like them. This demo is pretty well recorded and reminds me of seeing hardcore shows in 2007. Get into it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gilded Age - EP

Lots of No Comment worship on this one, along with a heaviness that reminds me of Hatred Surge and Endless Blockade. An insanely good release. When one of the members of the band said it might not fit on my blog I was a little offended. Shit's too good not to be on here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tear It Up - First Four Months

New Jersey's finest. Starkly honest and furious lyrical content and shockingly raw and manic music, paired with one of the best live performances in the Northeast while they were around. An embodiment of what true hardcore punk was while the New Jersey scene was bursting at the seams with venues, bands, and loads of kids packed into tiny rooms because of the bands, not because of a limited t-shirt they could hawk on eBay for three times the price the next afternoon.

First Four Months is almost undoubtedly Tear It Up's finest material, compiling their original demo, 7" EP on Havoc Records, and the Just Can't Stand It LP on Deranged Records. Chock full of fan favorites such as "Through Being Cute," "I Don't Care That I'm Falling Apart," "What's the Problem," "I Hate My Life," and 22 other songs of blasting, no-frills hardcore madness. Blisteringly fast drumming, shouting vocals, and finger ripping chord changes laid the foundation for a band that truly "played to destroy."

For each set of abrasive 20 to 50 second songs, Tear It Up treats us with a rare moment of music actually not played as fast as humanly possible (i.e. "Battle Scarred" or "Just Can't Stand It.") Blow out your speaker system, destroy your dorm room, or scream along until your lungs might burst, just make sure you enjoy this one. Some of their releases are still available from Deranged or Havoc, so check it out if you're so inclined.

Deranged Records
Havoc Records

Friday, May 7, 2010

Void - Potion For Bad Dreams

I ended up getting my hands on a bootleg tape of the final unreleased Void LP trading with some dudes who were active in punk from the late 80's on along with some other pretty cool releases (State's first 7" in tape form among them) and was vastly disappointed. I still am. You will be too. Download this record.

...And again.

I have added a forth poster to my blog: Nick of Play it Loud, a fantastic blog that unlike my own is without ridiculous typos in every post and drunken vitriolic diatribes. You should probably follow his blog rather than my own. Hell, it looks better (I only have a bootleg of Paint Shop Pro version 6, which I can thank for my blog header)

I'm currently in Southern, California. I have become increasingly aware of my hair loss at age 18. If I still were the person I was at 15 I'd be stoked that my hairline resembled that of an artist on Dischord records.
Download | Purchase
My most recent musical purchase.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Male Nurses - Demo '08

Boston area band Male Nurses are fucking punk, no two ways about it. Fast, no talent fuck ups playing damn decent hardcore punk. Listening to them reminds of the first time I heard Government Warning. Total 80's throw back that would fit in well with the No Way Records and Grave Mistake crowd. Tape includes a Sick Pleasure cover for fellow 80's HC nerds.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From Ashes Rise - Live Hell

From Ashes Rise are one of the best crust bands of the last 10 years. Collected is some of their best material live from their recent reunion shows. I only wish they recorded a live version of Concrete And Steel.