Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mindless Mutant S/T

I'm trapped. The outside of my house is surrounded by 11 foot tall snow mountains that guard a one inch layer of ice. I am thankful for the snow plow digging me out but I am not going to bike on this, and there's no way my car, the Baron, will make it out of this either. So again, I'm trapped. And thus the day will be spent listening to power violence and wanting out. I truly hate this town.

There are fucking sledders in my yard. Their parents have gone down my drive way to park their SUVs on my snow covered lawn and they are sledding down my snow hills. I'm gonna profit off of this somehow (Or key their cars for blocking my exit if the Baron decides it's okay to leave)

Edit: The roof to the only decent grocery store in town caved in due to all the snow, obliterating the meat and alcohol sections. XVX REVENGE.

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