Monday, March 15, 2010

Manipulation - Demo 2009

Manipulation are a hardcore band from Chicago. They share members with Chronic Seizure, Civic Progress, and No Slogan and have the ex vocalist of one of my all time favorite bands Pedestrians. They're sorta disappointing for having such a killer line-up. Kinda D-beaty and the vocals are too fuzzed out for my liking. But hey, if they weren't a super star line up I'd probably not be so disappointed.


  1. rar files....ever heard of them?

  2. Thanks for posting this dude. I just went looking for it last night too. These dudes are actually coming to mpls this weekend. Is this on 7" or CDR?

  3. I'm pretty sure it's a CDR or tape.

    I don't actually own it. I went through hell trying to even find these tracks

  4. For sure, you were the only person who had them that I could find. I went to the show, but couldn't stay for them. Grabbed the 7" before I left though.