Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gypsy Spit tour. Please help.

(FFO: Siege, Hatred Surge, Despise You, etc, etc)

So, I know there are a good amount of people on Facebook who live in these cities, so I figure why not post this here, as well. Gypsy Spit is embarking on our first tour in September and we need help with the dates. Initially we were going to make it up to the northeast but due to our shared sentiment of being resourceful with our finances, we're only able to go as far as VA for now. We're also taking time to write new material and press a 7" for this tour.

Here's the run we came up with:

September 16-27

9/16 Gainesville, FL
9/17 Jacksonville FL
9/18 Savannah GA
9/19 Athens GA
9/20 Columbia SC
9/21 Charlotte, NC
9/22 Greensboro/Winston-Salem NC
9/23 Richmond VA
9/24 Asheville NC
9/25 Chattanooga, TN
9/26 Birmingham, AL
9/27 Tallahassee FL

This is just a rough schedule. If we need to re-route, I'm sure it's possible as long as it's not a crazy detour or something. I'm contacting a lot of bands but figured it couldn't hurt to put up here. If you would like a better description of our sound/download of our demo, go here:

Hit me up if you can help us out!



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