Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FYF Fan Appreciation Show May 8th @ Glasshouse

Sooooo why isn't there a flyer for this awesome whatever you want to call it? No idea. Don't be lazy and come out to this. Taken from Glasshouse website: (If there is a flyer please show so I can save your pathetic eyes this pathetic block of text)

"FYF Fan Appreciation Show
F*cked Up
with The Strange Boys
Abe Vigoda
Graf Orlock
The Like
Woah Hunx
Saturday, May 8
Doors: 6:30 pm

On Saturday, May 8th, we, the FYF Fest will be hosting a Fan Appreciation Show in Pomona, CA. Just like the original concept of the F Yeah Fest, this is taking place at three locations that are all steps from one another for one cost, $8. For $8 you will be given a wristband at the Glasshouse that will get you access into each room and given the option to see over dozen bands. This is for you, the fan. Hope to see you there."

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