Thursday, April 22, 2010

White Boss - Demo (2007?)

The ever elusive White Boss demo. Angry, noisey, fast and fuzzy, not unlike Sex/Vid. I have no info on this what so ever except that they share a member with Sex/Vid, they are not the English neo-nazi band of the same name, one of tracks is called "Sublimation" and played a few shows in 2008 with Iron Lung. Other than that I have nothing. No song titles, no idea even the number of tracks on this tape. The Tape will download as three tracks, two of which are over ten minutes long. If anyone can tell me the number of tracks, the time of each track and their names I'd love that.


  1. track list as follows:
    Side 1
    3.Where I Lay
    5.The Sun is Up
    6.One Truth

    Side 2
    1.Drugged Out
    2.White Haze

    for info check
    or write

  2. Not members of Sex Vid.