Monday, May 10, 2010

Tear It Up - First Four Months

New Jersey's finest. Starkly honest and furious lyrical content and shockingly raw and manic music, paired with one of the best live performances in the Northeast while they were around. An embodiment of what true hardcore punk was while the New Jersey scene was bursting at the seams with venues, bands, and loads of kids packed into tiny rooms because of the bands, not because of a limited t-shirt they could hawk on eBay for three times the price the next afternoon.

First Four Months is almost undoubtedly Tear It Up's finest material, compiling their original demo, 7" EP on Havoc Records, and the Just Can't Stand It LP on Deranged Records. Chock full of fan favorites such as "Through Being Cute," "I Don't Care That I'm Falling Apart," "What's the Problem," "I Hate My Life," and 22 other songs of blasting, no-frills hardcore madness. Blisteringly fast drumming, shouting vocals, and finger ripping chord changes laid the foundation for a band that truly "played to destroy."

For each set of abrasive 20 to 50 second songs, Tear It Up treats us with a rare moment of music actually not played as fast as humanly possible (i.e. "Battle Scarred" or "Just Can't Stand It.") Blow out your speaker system, destroy your dorm room, or scream along until your lungs might burst, just make sure you enjoy this one. Some of their releases are still available from Deranged or Havoc, so check it out if you're so inclined.

Deranged Records
Havoc Records

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