Monday, May 24, 2010

Recharge - Hamburg '42

Smashing, raging d-beat hardcore punk. Hailing from Germany, Recharge follow in the proud Discharge tradition, using everything from their logo to similar lyrical content and imagery. Don't let the cover art bug you out, these guys have zero qualms or reservations when it comes to placing a harsh, truthful light on their country's horrid past.

Occasionally, Recharge carry a metally edge in their tunes, as the vocals shout in German over the blaring music. Graphic, violent, war-centric lyrics which cover different aspects of historical significance are rampant throughout Hamburg '42, as well as your everyday, run of the mill d-beat topics. Fast, heavy riffs, and thundering drums slapped on top of chunky bass lines, performed by one of Europe's best Discharge worship bands.

Definitely check out the band's website, as they have translations for the lyrics in English, along with plenty of other pertinent information to ensure you're properly enjoying the d-beat madness. Another fine alternative to listening to Never Again for the 598th time in a row.  

Recharge Website

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