Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blind Society - Our Future's Looking Bleak

Not to be offensively confused with any other bands with the same title, Bricktown, New Jersey's Blind Society carried the hardcore punk torch for years, playing a massive role in the local scene during the early 2000's. Boatloads of shows at local VFW halls and long since defunct NJ venues gave way to national tours with street punk bands like The Virus and other associated acts. Fast enough to be considered hardcore, but with enough punk rock influences to utilize the outrageously overused "Oi! Oi!"chant, these guys seemed to fit in almost anywhere.

Our Future's Looking Bleak contains 15 songs of pure, raw hardcore punk rock which charges through you like a locomotive threatening to run right off the tracks. Blazing fast drumming which nearly spins out of control, paired with unique dueling vocals on top of catchy, heavy riffage. Yes, your not dyslexic, this band actually had two vocalists. One with raspy, higher pitched wails, and the other gruff, barking, and spitting in your face. Cue the ICP, 311, and other associated jokes. Either way, I've never seen it done better than Blind Society.

Obvious highlights are "Bulldoze," "Nuclear Warfare," and "Soldiers of Misfortune," but these guys rarely take a moment to come up for air, as the music tightens its grip around your throat through the 24 minutes of madness. Lyrics range anywhere from anti-war, anti-society, anti-police...you get the idea. I still miss the numerous Misfits covers they used to play live. Be sure to check out the website link below that's somehow still alive. Angelfire status. 

Blind Society Site

PS - I promise my next post won't be more nostalgic NJ pride and worship.

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  1. Great energy live. Remember them playing at CBGBs. Virus tour was great