Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Insect Warfare - A Couple of Splits

Split w/ F.I.D.
In honor of my trip to Austin, Texas I give you Insect Warfare. Grind fucking core. That's all that can describe now defunct Texas act Insect Warfare. Fist to face grind featuring the ever astounding Alex Hughes of Hatred Surge and Sacred Shock.

Absolutely unfuckwithable grind. Grindcore: making glasses wearing, black band shirt clad, skinny, skateboarding comic geeks like us feel tough as nails since the late 80's.

When I come back:
Walls - "Staring At The Walls" 7"
Capitalist Casualties / Lack Of Interest - Split 7"
Lebenden Toten - "Near Dark" LP
White Boss - "White Boss" LP
Capitalist Casualties/Spazz/Hellnation/Lack Of Interest - "Live at Fiesta"
Whatever awesome finds I stumble upon from Chaos in Tejas and the record swap at Broken Neck.


  1. fuck yeah get that walls 7 inch up. Were you at the show, bro? Didn't see you.

  2. I couldn't make it to the Phoenix show. They killed it in Austin. I'll post it when I get home from Texas.

  3. Good job guys! Looking forward your post on the White Boss LP.