Monday, June 7, 2010

Burning Love

What can I say?
Stoned punk rock. Kysus on Damaged-era Flag.
The demo laid some fucking righteous blueprints.
Don't Ever Change dropped with a lo-fi Bad Seeds cover.
How the fuck is that not the greatest 7" of the year?
Answer: it is. Fuck everything else.
Let's wank off in my garage to Raw Power.
The LP, Songs for Burning Lovers, hit nearly two days ago now.
AND AS OKAY AS IT IS. It's really lacking.
The EP got my hopes up for this bastardised lo-fi hardcore masterpiece.
Something like King of Jeans with poor production.
Fuck. Maybe rip off Psychedelic Horseshit & I'll autoerotic-asphyxiate myself.
It's not. It's just what the demo offered.
And after tasting the sweet pussyjuice of the 7",
Queens of the Stone Age-core isn't what I want.
It's really fucking not.
It's not bad. It's just like,
Or more poignantly if the intro to Fear & Loathing was directed by Rob Zombie.
It picks up at the end, AGAIN POIGNANTLY.
Maybe if I was fucking and hitting salvia hard, I'd dig this.
But it's lacking luster like masturbating with a hoover.
Where's my fucking noise you piece of shit? Do not fuck with me.
Fuck this, go listen to Mayyors or Veins instead.

Songs for Burning Lovers
Don't Ever Change 7"


  1. I'm with you. I was really excited about BL, mostly because of CC. I wasn't really feeling the demo, but the EP picked it up. This LP is just... blah. I can get into some cock rock, but it just not doing anything for me, and I WANTED to like it. Too bad. I may give it another listen but it might make my great bummers of '10.

  2. Yeah man. I really tried too. The EP was really good but I think everything else sucks.