Monday, June 7, 2010

V.A. - "Maggot Minded" cassette

Northwest hardcore greats. Hard hitting fast as fuck Funerot, hyped and noisy Sex/Vid and the ever frantic HIV combine forces with relatively unknown Washington hardcore masters speedy fuzzed out White Boss, Loose Change, horrible Horrible and low-fi Sisters on this astounding nearly quality-less compilation tape. The highlights of this tape are White Boss and the exclusive Sex/Vid tracks. If anyone has this tape and doesn't want it or finds it hit me up. I'm willing to dish out moderate amounts of cash. I'm kinda surprised that to my knowledge New Fits is the first blog to post this. After all, it came out a little over three years ago.

White Boss LP out soon along with the H.P.P. LP on Perennial.

Getting more stoked on my migration to the Northwest everyday...except I may move to Austin, but that's less likely.


  1. sounds great but where's the actual link?

  2. Sorry dude. Got it all up. I'm abit tired.