Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Shadow of a Doubt - Demo

Western Mass hardcore from a group of guys headed up by Derrick of the Well Fed blog. Plenty of distortion, visceral screams, and percussion reminiscent of a automobile crash. Even better, A Shadow of a Doubt is brave enough to write more than one song over two minutes long. No way! Get out of hardcore!

As the feedback squeals through your speakers, the songs follow loose structure which isn't afraid to approach insanely noisy levels. There's moments of calm which allow your ears to relax from the previous sonic assaults. The recording quality is actually fairly decent on this as well, which seems to be a bonus as far as demos go these days.

It's tough to pin this tape down, which invigorates me after the deluge of mindless noisy hardcore which seems to contaminate my computer's hard drive. Picture, download, and pretty much everything all taken from Well Fed so please check it out. Demos are available for $3, so if you're into it, shoot an email over and pick up a copy. These are limited to 100, so I doubt it'll last. SUPPORT.

A Shadow of a Doubt 
Well Fed Blog

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