Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Society of Friends AKA The Quakers - Discography CD

Society of Friends are a much over looked Texas hardcore band featuring August of Walls. I am having trouble describing them. Basically put Walls' fast parts in a blender with the Man is the Bastard side of their split with Capitalist Casualties and the more recent Bastard Noise rippers and you have Society of Friends. Yeah, it's that fucking good. I slept on this...You're still sleeping on this, and man that fucking sucks because this band is fucking killer.

I still have no idea what the hell is going on in half their songs, though. This band is fucked up and weird as shit.


  1. "I slept on this"

    You sleep on a lot of things don't you? Until they become hyped or gather great interest.

  2. I've been called out! Sorry bro.

  3. this is missing track 10!

  4. Yeah, my version is too. I have ripped it from the CD so it should be there. i'll try to figure it out.