Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blank Stare - LP

Hell yes. Boston hardcore the way it was meant to be. Fast, pissed, and delightfully rough around the edges, Blank Stare dropped a behemoth of an LP in 2008 before their demise in Fall of 2009. Every time I toss on this 10 track ripper, I can barely sit still, as the band rages through each song with reckless abandon with lightning fast chord changes and percussion.

An excellent form of pure fast hardcore, Blank Stare complete their LP in about 16 minutes, leaving out any filler while still giving people a little more than the 45 second songs which seem to frequent the genre more often these days. Totally in your face and unapologetic, these dudes seemed to increase their aggressiveness exponentially with each and every song, devoid of any weak links. Toss in plenty of old school influences from legendary Boston acts you've already heard about 500 times, and the picture becomes clear. Download this and max out the volume.

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