Friday, July 16, 2010

Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture

Coke Bust. Obnoxiously obvious DC straightedge hardcore played at max volume and velocity to most everyone's dismay. Fuck Bar Culture was their EP debut on Third Party Records after the demo 7" which sold out like 4 times. Ridiculously fast, completely abrasive, and reminiscent of 80s classics, this is an ideal EP to wreck your bedroom with.

Possibly the best aspect of this band is their boisterous, powder-keg-explosive live performance, which ignites each of these potential hardcore classics right into flames. Unapologetic lyrics are screamed right into your ears during each song, which bob and weave their way through blisteringly fast chords and mid-tempo mosh parts. I mean, if you aren't the slightest bit compelled to stagedive during the beginning of "FBC," you're probably in the wrong genre.

Containing pissed off lyrics with the intensity of a sawed off shotgun, raging guitars, and percussion which isn't afraid to approach  the blurring speeds, Coke Bust completely blow the lid off your shitty 90's sedan with this EP. Download this and play at hilariously loud volume for your own good. It doesn't even matter if you're straightedge or not, you're moshing to this one.

Coke Bust
Third Party Records

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  1. Haha man the sleeve to my coke bust lp has beer stains all over it.