Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Young - Voyagers of Legend

The Young started out around 4 years ago or so as a one man band. His first show was in a record store with a guitar, a mic, and a small drum set. Hans utilized all three at once and it was pretty awesome. Pretty good angsty garage stuff from what I remember.

Now fast forward to a week ago, their record release show, and I finally see them a second time and it is now a full band. Members include: the owner of Austin’s only punk record store, sound on sound (RIP); a dude who was in Sacred Shock, Army of Jesus, and a few other bands; a dude who is in Deskonocidos and some other bands, and a dude who was in some bands whose names I can not remember. The cops show up to the house before The Young even start playing, but they leave and the show goes on.

As soon as they finish the first song, my mind is blown. They are no longer primitive garage rock, it is something of its own. If I had to try to describe it, which I do, I would say that it’s a super fuzzy, dreamy, mix of psych rock, shoegaze, and the punk. It’s still raw in all the right ways, but there is enough clarity for you to slowly discover what exactly is going on. It’s like awesome stoner shoegaze with punk energy. If I smoked weed, I would totally do it to this. I strongly encourage you to, AT LEAST, listen to the album. If you like it, you should definitely buy it, it comes on nice thick wax. I wish I were better at reviews, because I am not doing this record justice. I fucking LOVE it and the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

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